Monday, October 13, 2014

Running in SCKLM 2014

This few years, running event seems to be very 'in'. Some friends are so into it, and been running almost every month or two or maybe more frequent. I had thought of trying it since I quite enjoy running too, except that I am too lazy to register and commit. 

In May, after have been convinced by my fellow physicist friends, I decided to try it for real in Standard Chartered KL Marathon (SCKLM) 2014. Registered in 10 km leisure category, I think it would be a good start. Plus, it'll be a healthy gathering for us physicists (batch 2005) where some of them I haven't met for at most 2 years. We are six, 4 of us in 10 km leisure, one 10 km cruise and one in full marathon (42.192 km). The latest is the craziest I could think of to start with (for me la hehe).

Well, yesterday is finally the day; SCKLM 2014. After about 5 months registering, I manage to train about 12 times maybe, but never achieve 10 km. 

Looking 'fresh' before the run.

My view in 15 minutes running
Gun started at 7.45 am for my category, I delayed about 4 to 5 minutes from the starting point and manage to finish my 10 km run in 1 hour 34 minutes. Based on the provisional results (not yet final), I was 1725th in my category, from about 3000 others participant. I ran behind 57% of the runners in the category. It definitely not bad at all for my first time. Isn't it?
Counting in every run I made (including my regular evening/morning run), the first km will be the hardest and once through, the rest is actually much easier. As this is my very first 10 km, it means a lot to me. I am very excited and glad I did not feel like dying to finish it, comparing my first 400 meter run, back when I was in form 3 (age 15). Hehe.

With Maisarah and our finishing medals.
Waiting for another member.
The running fizikawan: Maisarah, Wan 'Oney', Hafiz, Ain, Hajar and Shafiq.
After run silly pose

Sushi treat after event. Thanks Oney!
 It was a healthy-sweet-sweat gathering after all. Thank Allah, I decided to join.

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